Such an intoxicating liquor: see you will also be blown away

Such an intoxicating liquor: see you will also be blown away
New Delhi: Lockdown-3 has started from today.  From today, many restrictions have been abolished in the states.  In the midst of the lockdown, the central government has given an exemption for the sale and purchase of liquor.  From today (4 May), liquor shops have been allowed to open in the states.

With the opening of liquor shops, long queues of people have also started.  Explain that some guidelines have also been set by the Ministry of Home Affairs to open liquor shops.  According to the guideline, social distancing is essential for the sale and purchase of alcohol.

Somewhere to follow the social distancing, elsewhere

In keeping with the government's guide lines, social distancing is being carried out outside liquor shops in most states.  But there are many states and places where people are not following the rules of social distancing in the race to buy liquor.

Violation of social distancing in Bengaluru

In Bengaluru, Karnataka, people crowded outside the shop before the liquor store opened.  It is being told that people in a hurry to buy liquor as soon as the shop opened, ignored the rules of social distancing.  Even after the instructions of the government, neither marking nor barricading was done to ensure that the rules of social distancing outside the shops were followed.

Long queues up to one kilometer in Delhi

At the same time, the sale of liquor has started in Delhi too.  Long queues of people were seen at many places to get liquor.  People lined up for a kilometer to buy liquor.  However, during this time people were seen following social distancing.  People stood in their own place and appeared to move only when the time came.

People gathered outside shops in Karnataka since morning

At the same time, people in Karnataka also looked desperate for alcohol.  In Hubli, Karnataka, people started gathering outside the liquor shop from 7 am.  However, during this time, people showed restraint and appeared to be sitting at a distance from each other.  Even after the liquor store opened, people showed restraint and waited for their number to arrive.

Government gave instructions to follow social distancing

It has been clearly clarified by the government that it will be mandatory to apply face masks while exiting and it will be mandatory to follow social distancing.  In the capital Raipur of Chhattisgarh, people violated the rules of social distancing.  At many places here, people were seen standing far away, but in many places people were seen pushing away from each other.

In Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh, there was a lot of rage to buy liquor.  Line of rope was made in the ground to raise people here.  People here followed social distancing.