Lockdown 3.0 started from today, know which activities were allowed based on zone and state

Lockdown 3.0 started from today, know which activities were allowed based on zone and state
New Delhi: In view of the transition of Corona, the third phase of lockdown implemented in the country has started from Monday which will run till 17 May.  However, the lockdown is also being opened in a phased manner.  This time, along with increasing the lockdown, the Modi government at the center has announced relaxation in many economic activities.  However, the ban on some services will continue as before.  Earlier, PM Modi announced the lockdown on 24 March, which was extended to 3 May on 14 April.

The Ministry of Home Affairs issued new guidelines for regulation of activities by categorizing districts into red, orange and green zones on the basis of risk during the extended period of lockdown.

Some activities will remain closed throughout the country

The Ministry of Home Affairs has relaxed some activities in the guideline on the basis of zones, but some activities will remain closed in the third phase of lockdown in all zones across the country.  This includes the operation of schools, colleges, and other educational and training / coaching institutes, including interstate traffic by air, rail, metro and road.

Apart from this, people will cease to leave from 7 pm to 7 am for non-essential activities across the country.  Apart from hotels and restaurants across the country, public ceremonies like cinema halls, malls, gyms, sports complexes will remain closed.  Apart from this, places of worship across the country will also remain closed till May 17.

What will be closed and will be open in the Red Zone

In the Red Zone, rickshaws, autorickshaws, taxis and cab aggregators, intra-district and inter-district buses, barber shops, spas and saloons will remain closed.  Some activities have been permitted in the Red Zone, including all industrial and construction activities, MNREGA works, food processing units and brick-kilns in rural areas.

Apart from this, print and electronic media, IT services, data and call centers, cold storage, people working on their own will also be allowed.  Delivery of goods required by e-commerce platforms is permitted.  Industrial units settled in Spashan Economic Zone, Export Oriented Unit, Industrial Estates and Industrial Township have been allowed to operate.

What will remain in the orange zone and will be closed

All those activities in the Orange Zone will be allowed, which are allowed in the Red Zone.  Apart from this, taxi and cab aggregator will be allowed to run with 1 driver and 1 passenger.  The movement of people and trains between districts will be approved for permitted activities.  A four-wheeler can have a maximum of 2 people in addition to the driver.  Two people will be allowed to go on a two-wheeler.

What will remain in the green zone and will be closed

All exemptions available in Red and Orange zones will be applicable in Green Zone.  Apart from this, liquor and betel shops are also allowed to open in the Green Zone, although these shops have to keep a distance of 6 feet (two yards) between two people.  The shop should not have more than 5 people at a time.  Also buses with 50% seating capacity can run in the Green Zone.

They will get discounts from today in Delhi

100 percent officers and employees will be present in the necessary services related office of Delhi government from Monday.  But for those who do not have necessary service related offices, the Deputy Secretary level and the remaining officers will reach 100 percent, while the other 33 percent employees will remain inactive.

Private offices will also open, where 33 percent people will work, but the ban on flights, metro and buses will continue.

Maul, cinema, saloon, market complex and Delhi Metro will remain closed while shops selling essential commodities will open.  But for this it will be mandatory to get the permission of RWA.

Print and electronic media will remain open.

All industrial estates will remain open.

Manufacturing materials for packaging materials will remain open.  Units related to construction work or supply changes of whatever goods are needed will remain open.

In a private car, 2 people can go in the car except for the driver, but only necessary work is allowed.  Only the driver can run on a motorcycle.

The supply of essential commodities through e-commerce portals in Delhi will continue.

50 people can attend the wedding ceremony.

No more than twenty people will be allowed in the last rites.

Yogi government decided to give conditional concessions to industries and shopkeepers

The Uttar Pradesh government has decided to give conditional concessions in lockdown from Monday.  Principal Secretary of Home Department Avnish Kumar Awasthi said that Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has given instructions that single shops will be allowed to open from tomorrow.  Necessary and non-essential shops can be opened inside the colony and residential complexes, but they must follow the rules of safe physical distance in dealing with people.  He informed that permission has been given to open single liquor shops in urban and rural areas.  These shops will be allowed to open from 10 am to 7 pm following the physical distance law.

Awasthi said that the necessary activities of e-commerce will also be allowed.  The offices of private sector units will be staffed with 33 percent staff, the rest of the employees will have to work from home.  Government offices will also be staffed with 33 percent staff but all employees will have to come in essential services.  He informed that taxis, cab services will be operational only within the district in Orange Zone.  Buses can also be run in the Green Zone, but it can carry only 50 percent passengers.  There will be movement of cross-border goods transport from neighboring countries in accordance with the treaties.

Permission to open non-essential goods shops in Maharashtra

The Maharashtra government has given permission to open shops of non-essential items including liquor in non-Kovid-19 prohibited areas from Monday.  Bhushan Gagrani, senior IAS officer of the Maharashtra Chief Minister's Office, gave this information to reporters on Sunday.  A similar decision has already been announced for the Green and Orange regions of Kovid-19.  Such shops will open in both these areas from Monday. However, the state government has relaxed restrictions on shops in the Red Zone on Sunday.

In the locale under the Red Zone, there are a few territories where there has been no detailed instance of crown infection disease since most recent one month," Gagrani said.  These areas are known as non-prohibited areas.  Permission has been given to open shops selling non-essential items like clothes, shoes, liquor, stationery while giving some relaxation in such non-prohibited areas.

He said that this decision has been taken after consultation with the Central Government.  "Only five shops in one lane will be allowed to open in a full day," Gagarni said.  But this restriction is not applicable to shops selling essential items related to medicine and grocery.  As of now, there is no restriction on the time of keeping shops open. ”He said that liquor has been allowed to be removed from the market i.e. single shops.