Gyms cannot open in lockdown 5

Gyms cannot open in lockdown 5, Center said - State governments should be more strict for Containment Zone
Lockdown: The fourth phase (Lockdown 4.0) of the ongoing lockdown due to Coronavirus in the country is going to end on 31 May.  Before it was over, Cabinet Secretary Rajiv Gauba spoke to the Municipal Commissioner and District Magistrate of 13 districts where there are 70 percent cases of corona virus in the country.  Central government officials said that in this meeting, the cabinet secretary insisted on sealing such containment zones in areas where there are more cases and took suggestions from the states on the strategy to be implemented from June 1.

Government officials said that it has been suggested to the cities that the district administration and the urban municipal body should define the container area well on the basis of good technical input at the local level

States can get more discounts

India24news:- had informed on Wednesday that the lockdown may extend for two more weeks from May 31 and more relaxation can be done.  A senior official told CNN ( that the Center wants to give more freedom to the state governments on the terms of increasing the lockdown after 31 May.  Depending on the demand of the states and their economic condition, the Center had given various exemptions in the fourth phase of the lockdown announced on 17 May.

In Lockdown 5.0, the government can allow the opening of temples and gyms.  The Government of Goa and Karnataka have also shown interest in the opening of the hotel and hospitality sector.  Officials said that schools, colleges, malls and cinema halls may remain closed for the next two weeks, but states will be allowed to take their own decisions for other sectors

Containmate zones are a big problem

The biggest concern of the government at this time is the Containment Zone because recently there have been some reports saying that these areas have not been properly determined and some states have not even imposed complete restrictions here.  In the fourth phase of lockdown, the government had given relaxation to the color-code zone and most of the restrictions were placed in the containment zone itself.

Union Home Secretary Ajay Bhalla last week wrote a letter to states asking them to fully follow the guidelines of the Center.  It was said in the letter that it has come to the knowledge of the Ministry that the guidelines of the Ministry of Home Affairs are not being followed.  To prevent the spread of Covid-19 infection, it is extremely important to limit the containment zone and to put a complete restriction

Officers from these cities joined

The 13 metropolitan officials who went to the video gathering were from Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi, Ahmedabad, Thane, Pune, Hyderabad, Kolkata/Howrah, Indore, Jaipur, Jodhpur, Chengalpattu and Thiruvallur.  Apart from these, the Chief Secretaries and Principal Health Secretaries of all states and union territories also attended.  Officials said that in the video conference, the states shared the measures taken by the district administration and the municipal corporations of the affected areas for the management of Kovid-19 cases.

A Central Government official told CNN india24news that the Cabinet Secretary will review the suggestions taken from the states and after that talk to the Ministry of Health, Home Ministry and Prime Minister's Office and take the final decision.  The Central Government has just given rules on the administration of COVID-19 in urban settlements.  These include indices such as confirmatory rate, fatality rate, double rate of cases, testing per million people, including the work of high risk factors.

It is necessary to decide the container zone

The Central Government has insisted that the Containment Zone should be mapping the cases and contacts based on geographical location.  This will allow well-defined perimeter limits and strict lockdown protocols can also be implemented.  Municipal corporations can decide which residential colony, mohalla, municipal ward, and police station area, municipal zone, town can be defined as containment zone.  Cities have been advised that such local areas and urban municipal bodies should define it well at the local level on the basis of technical input.

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