Lockdown will open with these special conditions from April 15, the government is preparing this

Lockdown will open with these special conditions from April 15, the government is preparing this

To prevent the infection of Coronavirus, the government had a 21-day lockdown which is going to complete on 14 April and the lockdown will open from 15 April.  For this, the government has started preparations.  But the lockdown will not open completely, but there will be some restrictions about it, which you need to know.

School colleges will remain closed, people stranded will be helped

According to sources, schools and colleges will remain closed during this period.  But preparations are on to open technical and professional colleges.  There are many people who are stranded at many places due to lockdown, they will be assisted during this period.

Markets and Mandis may open, Chances of opening of malls are less

Markets and mandis will be opened.  But there are plans to keep malls and multiplexes closed.  The emphasis of the government is not to allow crowds in any form anywhere after 15.

Lockdown will open first in low transition states

The government will first remove the lockdown from those districts where there is no or less infection.  The city or district which is the hotspot for it will be gradually removed from the lockdown.  Special investigation will be done in these.

Social distancing even after lockdown opens

Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath said that even if the lockdown opens from April 15, people will have to follow social distancing.  Efforts will be made to control the situation.  Those who are stranded will be evacuated first.  The Chief Minister said that voluntary organizations should also be helped to ensure timely delivery of food to every needy.

One thousand crore corona care fund will be ready

The government will create a corona care fund of Rs 1000 crore.  It will be used for increasing the probe, necessary equipment such as ventilators, masks, sanitizers, PPE etc. will be arranged.  The objective of the government is to increase health facilities.