After 48 hours, the biggest disaster will come on Earth, scientists also raise their hands
India:Get ready, to see a dangerous view of the sky… because there is a huge space disaster passing through the earth.  Only 48 hours left.  New trouble is coming from space in front of the world struggling with Corona.  Scientists around the world are worried about this.  If there is a slight change in direction, the danger will be much greater.

About a month and a half ago, the US space agency NASA revealed that a very large asteroid is coming fast towards the Earth.  It is said that this asteroid is many times bigger than the highest mountain on Earth, Mount Everest.

The speed of this asteroid is 31,319 km / h.  That is about 8.72 kilometers per second.  If it hits such a part of the earth at such a speed, it can bring a big tsunami.  Or it can ruin many countries.  However, NASA says that there is no need to panic with this asteroid as it will pass about 62.90 lakh kilometers from the earth.  This distance is not considered much in space science but it is also not less.  Some scientists have also feared its hitting the earth.

This asteroid is named 52768 (1998 OR 2).  This asteroid was first seen by NASA in 1998.  Its diameter is about 4 kilometers.  This asteroid will pass near the earth at 3.26 pm on 29 April.  Its distance from the earth will be about 62.90 lakh kilometers.

At this time in India it will be noon, in daylight you will not be able to see it with open eyes.  In this regard, astronomer Dr. Steven Pravdo told that the meteorite 52768 takes 1,340 days or 3.7 years to make one round of the sun.  After this, the next round of Asteroid 52768 (1998 OR 2) towards the Earth may take place around 18 May 2031.  Then it can pass from a distance of 190 million kilometers.

According to astronomers, there is 50,000 chances of such an asteroid hitting the Earth every 100 years.  But, in some way or the other, they come out of the edge of the earth.

Dr. Bruce Bates of the International Group of Astronomers said that such asteroids are small asteroids of few meters.  They often burn as soon as they enter the atmosphere.  There is no major loss.  Please tell that in the year 2013, a meteorite about 20 meters long hit the atmosphere.  A 40-meter-long meteorite collided with the Siberia atmosphere in 1908 and burned.