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(Tech News): - Smartphone maker companies keep launching smartphones with new technology every day, but do you tell which company's smartphone sells the most in the world, if not then tell me that research agency Countpoint  The list of best-selling smartphones has been released worldwide, according to which the iPhone 11 launched in September last year is the second highest  Smartphone Selling has become.

 Counterpoint has released a report called Market Pulse which names the top 10 smartphones.  The world's best-selling smartphone is the iPhone xr.  Whose market share is 3 percent in the market.  The list includes six Apple iPhones and four Samsung models.

 In the year 2019, iPhone xr's 463 lakhs, iPhone 11's 373 lakhs, Samsung Galaxy A10's 303 lakhs, Galaxy A50's 242 lakhs, Galaxy A20's 192 lakhs, iPhone 11 Pro Max's 176 lakhs, iPhone 8's 174 lakhs, Redmi Note  7K has sold 164 lakhs, iPhone 11 Pro's 155 lakhs and Galaxy J2 core's 152 lakh units.  The thing to note in this report is that Samsung's new strategy has worked.

 Samsung discontinued the J series last year and introduced the A and M series and the top 10 smartphones in the world include three smartphones from Samsung's Galaxy A series.  In the year 2018 too, in the list of top 10 smartphones, Samsung had three phones which were of Prime and S series.  The second advantage Apple has got is that the iPhone 11 has become the second highest selling smartphone in just 4 months of launching.