People are drinking poisonous liquor in Iran to avoid corona virus, death toll crosses 300
Corona virus infection is wreaking havoc in Iran.  Every day the death toll is increasing here.  In the last 24 hours, 157 people died in Iran.  With this, the official figure of those who died was 2234.  But in Iran, apart from the corona virus infection, there are deaths due to corona.  According to Iranian media, there have been more than 300 deaths in Iran by drinking poisonous liquor while more than a thousand people have been admitted to hospital in critical condition.

 Actually, rumor has spread in Iran through social media that the infection of corona virus can be avoided with alcohol.  Trusting this rumor, people are drinking poisonous alcohol to avoid corona infection.  The death toll due to drinking methanol has been steadily increasing in Iran.

 But the big question is that there is a ban on drinking in Iran and 80 whips have been punished for the rule breaking Muslim person.  Despite this, people are risking their lives and their family's lives by drinking poisonous alcohol by relying on the rumor spread on social media.

 Oslo's clinical toxicologist Dr. Nat Eric Hovda, who studies on toxic methanol, fears that there may be worse circumstances than the official Iranian report on deaths from poisonous alcohol.  He says that if people continue to consume methanol in the same way, poisonous alcohol, like the Corona virus, can increase the number of people who die.

 The 199 countries of the world have been badly affected by the corona virus epidemic.  New cases of fast growing infections have stopped the world at one place.  If the economy is badly affected, hospitals in countries like America, Italy, Spain and Britain are in a furore.  So far no cure has been found for the corona virus infection.  Doctors and scientists from all over the world are involved in the research of effective medicines and vaccines affecting the corona virus.  Despite this, the message spread very fast in Iran's social media that a British school teacher and some others treated the corona virus infection with alcohol and honey.  At the same time, there was a confusion among the people that like drinking alcoholic sanitizer, the alcohol kills the corona virus inside the body.

 Iran is the only country in the Middle East where the maximum number of 29 thousand people have been infected with the corona virus infection.  In this situation, due to fear of infection of corona virus, illiteracy and rumors of social media, many people died due to drinking methanol in Shiraz city of Iran's southwestern province Khuzestan.

 Production of ethanol, a type of alcohol found in alcohol, is banned in Iran, while manufacturers producing methanol are clearly instructed by the government to use artificial colors in methanol so that the public can understand the difference between ethanol and it.  Products made with toxic methanol are used to clean wounds.  Actually, it is very difficult to differentiate between ethanol and methanol based on smell, taste and color.  Methanol is very dangerous, by adding more alcohol, it becomes toxic.  Illegal wine makers use methanol to increase intoxication, while ethanol, or ethyl alcohol, is used to make alcohol, which is banned in Iran.

 According to a research, 768 people got sick due to drinking methanol in Iran between September and October 2018, in which 76 died.  Despite this, the lack of awareness among the public about the danger of methanol has not diminished.

 Methanol can cause kidney, liver and eye light.  It can cause death by overdose.  Despite this, the uneducated and rumored public in Iran is losing their lives by drinking methanol in the deception of the Corona virus treatment.  At the same time, in Iran it is also rumored that alcohol can wash the digestive system and clean it.  Due to this rumor, people are being admitted to the hospital due to drinking methanol.

 Actually, a big reason behind this is the lack of trust between the government and the people of Iran.  The Iranian government is accused of not warning the public of its dangers and not taking major steps in the beginning of the corona virus infection.  Later, when the virus became pervasive, the situation became uncontrollable, due to which the people did not trust the instructions and assurances of the Iranian government.  The people of Iran are watching their own government with suspicion about the prevention of corona virus infection.  While he is getting more trust on fake prescription and treatment spread on social media.