New Delhi.  Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the country at 8 pm tonight about the situation arising due to the coronavirus and the efforts being made to deal with it.  PM Modi said, 'For the last 2 months, we are constantly seeing worrying news coming from the world.  In 2 months, the people of India have fought this epidemic firmly.  Corona virus has endangered the entire human race.  PM Modi has appealed for the Janata curfew on 22 March.  He appealed to the countrymen to stay home from 7 am to 9 pm on Sunday.

 He said that stay at home from 7 am to 9 pm.  People should not get out of homes.  He appealed to tell 10 colleagues about the public curfew.  Sirens will be played at 5 pm on Sunday.  The government has decided to set up the Kovid 19 Economic Task Force under the leadership of the Finance Minister.

 PM Modi said that the economy of the country has been damaged due to this epidemic.  PM Modi also appealed to the traders that if their workers cannot come to work, then do not cut their salary.  I assure the people of the country that there is no shortage of food, milk and other goods in the country, the government is making efforts for this.  Do not collect items at home.  Leave the same atmosphere as before.  Do not panic.

 He said, 'The countrymen have never disappointed me.  I have come today to ask 130 crore countrymen for something.  I would like your coming week.  You need some time to come.  Dear countrymen, no definite measures have been taken to avoid the epidemic, nor has there been a vaccine.  It is natural for everyone to be worried.

 PM Modi said, 'It will not have any effect on India, it is wrong to believe.  Therefore, it is important to focus on two main things.  These are resolution and restraint.  130 crore Indians will have to make a determination that we ourselves will avoid getting infected and others will also be saved.

 PM Modi told the countrymen, 'Social distancing is the right way to avoid corona virus.  As much as possible, stay at your home.  Work from home  You should do office work from home.  Society will have to stay away from ceremonies.

 Government has taken major decisions

 At the same time, the number of people infected with the corona virus in the country has increased to 173.  Also, 4 people have died from this till now.  Even before PM Modi's address, the government has announced big decisions regarding the corona virus.  According to the decision of the government, the landing of all passenger flights coming to India from abroad from March 22 has been banned for a week.

 The state governments have also been asked by the Modi government to issue instructions to senior citizens, medical professionals and public representatives, and elderly people above the age of 65 to stay at home.

 Apart from this, the children below 10 years of age have been asked by the government to stay at home.  He is forbidden to move out of the house.  Also, railways and aviation companies have been asked to discontinue the exemption in tickets for all citizens except students, patients and the disabled.

 There was also a high level meeting

 According to the PMO, PM Modi also held a high-level meeting to review the efforts being made to deal with the corona virus.  In this meeting, ways to further strengthen India's preparedness were discussed.  This included further testing facilities.

 The Prime Minister has underlined to effectively examine with people, neighborhood networks and associations to make a system to manage the crown infection.  He additionally asked the authorities and specialized specialists to talk about the means to be taken.

 PM is constantly appealing

 The Prime Minister is routinely engaging individuals through online networking to get ready themselves yet not to freeze.  He has endorsed the idea of ​​avoiding unnecessary travel and preventing people from gathering at one place to prevent the virus from spreading.  PM Modi has also expressed his gratitude to those who are fighting ahead with the corona virus in which state governments, medical sector personnel, paramedical personnel, armed forces personnel and paramilitary personnel, people and bodies associated with aviation sector  Personnel are included.

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