Great news for the country of Corona virus, everyone will be happy to hear

India24news: Hello friends once again, you are very welcome to our news channel, friends, today we are talking about a very good news related to the corona virus which we will tell you about this dangerous virus, so friends, come without  Read this delayed article to the bottom.

Actually, the Corona virus, telling friends, has caused a stir in the whole world.  No, no, let me tell you that the number of people who died due to this has exceeded 5000.  China is the first city to be hit by this corona virus because about several thousand people have died in China.  Now in this situation, this coronavirus has spread to almost all the countries of the world and this epidemic disease which has proved to be the most dangerous for the whole world.

While speaking for the Chinese country, this virus has been found so infected that it has been found to be coronavirus positive among the number of people there for the first time, due to which the construction of the traffic there has been stopped flying.  Whereas if compared to all countries

 If we talk, India is currently ranked 112th.  Which has been hit by the corona virus.  To prevent this corona virus from flying in the country of India, the current Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi has taken many big steps, due to which more than 500 krona virus infected people have been found inside India.

 Steps taken to avoid this: -

 1. Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently announced a Janata curfew in the entire country of India on 22 March, which completely showed this Janata curfew to be successful, there has been a big fall in the corona virus epidemic.

 2. Many cities in 22 states in India have adopted lock-down system till 31 March, so that no one gets out of the house and has just ordered to open shops for needy goods.

 3. Keep a distance of more than 1 meter and keep your hands clean by using soap or senaitis.  Due to which the epidemic disease like coronavirus cannot reach you.