Bollywood stars reacted after lockdown for 21 days, said - like demonetisation without thinking ..
Seeing the devastation of Corona virus across the country, PM Narendra Modi has decided to lockdown the entire country for 21 days.  Reactions have also started coming from Bollywood regarding this decision.  Many stars are supporting this decision, while many stars are also raising questions about the government not providing any relief package.

 Bollywood actor Kamal R Khan reacted, writing, "The whole of India has been locked down for 21 days which is a good decision taken by PM Modi. But how will those people who do not have food stock and  Those who do not have money to live for 21 days. This decision has been made without any thought, just like demonetisation. "

 Bollywood director Anurag Kashyap tweeted on PM Modi's decision, writing, 'Instead of 8 o'clock at night, he would have spoken at eight in the morning.  Had he spoken at four o'clock, he would have made arrangements.  Always speak at eight o'clock and give time of four hours.  What about those who have left the city on foot, because the bus or train is not running?  Now say what to say.  Okay God.

 Bollywood actor Javed Jaffrey wrote, 21 days!  The longest shutdown made by any country in the world..all decisions as one of our government.  As a nation one should strictly follow this.  Supplies, food needed for the poor are taken care of.  It should be the responsibility of all of us, not just the government.  Jai Hind!

 Bollywood actor Zeeshan Ayub said, Friends, keep the dignity of this 21-day lockdown.  This is very important to protect the country from the danger of Corona virus !!  Please do not leave the house unless there is a lot of helplessness.

 Please tell that the number of coronavirus patients in India has crossed 500.  While 9 people have died.  But the good news is that 40 people have been cured of this disease.  The government is doing everything possible to prevent the spread of the corona virus.