Mi's home security camera is stirring in the market, AI support will be available
(Tech News): - Technology is growing at a very fast pace and that is why today not only smartphones but smart home gadgets are also rapidly making their place among people so that the house can be made completely smart and someone else  Even work will be done in a few minutes without any help.  So today let us tell you about such a cheap smart device,

With the help of which you can make your home smart.  This 'smart device' Mi's home security camera, which was launched by Xiaomi in India only a few months ago.  Can.  This camera supports Artificial Intelligence (AI) and also has features such as power detection engine, infrared night vision and talk back.
According to the company's claim, it will also get Secure Local Storage and Cloud NAS (NAS) storage.  Talking about other features of the camera, with the help of this, video will be recorded at the rate of 20 frames per second.  It also has MI motion detection.  Apart from this, it has 5 volt-1 ampere power input, microSD card support and Wi-Fi support.


The price of this home security camera is only Rs 2,699.  Which you can easily buy from Amazon,

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