Many times the iphone can be a strong winner in front of you?
The sales of iphone has increased a lot in the whole world, most of the people in the outside countries use the iPhone, but in India most of the features of the iphone are not understood and at times they are insulted, because of the iPhone  Features range from all phones.

 Once someone saw an iPhone in a man's hand and asked him for an iPhone, he opened the settings and saw all the features, all the features were removed, but when he tried to back up, the phone did not back up, then the man  Insulted and whose iPhone was, he said that you go home and sleep comfortably.

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 IPhone has a lot of memory and only one SIM card is available, it does not even have a memory card, a man asked a person with an iPhone - how much SIM and memory card is there in it, then the person replied -  It does not have any memory card, it has internal storage and the man was begging.

 We can not even listen and download free songs on iPhone, we cannot even share anything with iPhone, just upload it and share it.

 In iPhone, we cannot use most of the apps, some apps do not work in us and with the help of ios we download the app, in this phone we can not even download our useful things.

 Replacement of the iPhone is also very expensive, if your charger and earphones are broken, then buying it back gets worse and if your iPhone screen is broken, then you get chosen.

 With the price of iPhone, we can buy 4 new types of phones in the market, in its price we can take 1plus phone, in which we get all the features and we can do any work easily, features of other phones  We are easily understood, but the features of the iPhone make us insulted many times.