Arvind Kejriwal's first reaction to the grand victory, he said - Delhi gave birth to new politics, we will all work together
Delhi Election Results: Arvind Kejwariwal is now going to sit on the chair of the Chief Minister of Delhi for the third time.  The way to form AAP government in Delhi has been cleared.  AAP is leading in 67 seats in Delhi.  After this fierce victory, Arvind Kejriwal said that the people of Delhi have done a great job.  I love you.  I want to thank all the Delhiites wholeheartedly that they trusted their son for the third time.  He said this while addressing the workers in the party office.  During this, other people including Sanjay Singh, Radhav Chadha and Sanjay Singh were present.  Kejriwal's wife was also present with him.

 People of Delhi have given birth to new politics- Arvind Kejriwal

 Kejriwal stated, "This triumph isn't my triumph, it is the triumph of the individuals of Delhi.  This is the victory of every family who supported me as a son.  This is the victory of every family whose electricity is getting 24 hours in their house.  This is the victory of every family who is getting good treatment in hospitals of Delhi.  The people of Delhi have given birth to new Ranjiti.  Its name is work politics.  The people of Delhi have given the message that vote is the one who will make the school.  Vote only who will get the Mohalla clinic.  Vote only who will give 24 hours and cheap electricity.  Who will build roads in the mohallas.  This is the beginning of new politics, which augurs well for the country. "

 Today is Hanuman ji's day, thank him very much - Kejriwal

 With this, he said, "It is not only the victory of the people of Delhi, it is the victory of Mother India."  The whole country wins.  Today is Tuesday.  It is Hanuman ji's day.  Many thanks to Hanuman ji.  May the next five years make Delhi better.  People in my family also worked very hard.  Today is my wife's birthday.  I ate the cake and will feed you all as well.  The people of Delhi have given so many seats with great expectations.  Everyone will work together. "