ravindra jadeja run out
ravindra jadeja run out

India25news: To read the news related to cricket and sport, you must follow our channel because we always bring such tremendous news for you.  Friends, today we are going to talk to you in this article.  Let's see which batsman will break the record of making the fastest 10000 runs.

Friends, for your information let me tell you that recently Ros Taylor of New Zealand had completed his 7000 runs in Test cricket in the match against England.  Earlier Steve Smith completed his 7000 Test runs against Pakistan, Joe Root against Australia and Virat Kohli against South Africa.  All these men have achieved this position in the last 3-4 months.

The names of these players are also recorded in the case of the highest number of Test runs among the batsmen currently playing.  Among them, the lead is England captain Joe Root, who has scored 7282 runs in Test cricket.  He is followed by Indian cricket team captain Virat with 7202 runs, Ross Taylor's 7022 runs and Steve Smith's 7013 runs.  In such a situation, these 4 batsmen are also expected to break the record of fastest 10000 test runs.

Record list

Friends, for your information, tell you the record of fastest 10,000 runs in Test matches is jointly named after Brian Lara, Sachin Tendulkar and Kumar Sangakkara.  All three achieved this position while playing 195 innings.  The first rain in this year, Brian Lara completed 10,000 test runs in 2004.

Who will break the record

Friends, let me tell you that Steve Smith recently recorded the record for the fastest 7000 Test runs.  In such a situation it would be easier for him to break these records.

Friends, let me tell you for your information, in the current Test rankings, Indian captain Virat Kohli has become number-1.  In such a situation, they too have the ability to break these records.