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Friends today, we are telling you about a thing that after eating food, after the food is to get the very advantageous. This thing is easily found in all homes. The thing we are talking is jaggery, let's know the benefits of eating jaggy after eating dinner.
1) Lucky and phosphorus is found in a lot of gold. This element is extremely helpful in strengthening the bones. Join the ginger with jagge, get rid of pain. 

2) The jaggery keeps the body strong and active. To remove the body of weakness, it is strengthened by taking a jaggery with milk and the body remains energetic. If you do not like milk, you will not feel tired of taking 5 grams of jacques, a little lemon juice and black 3 in a cup of water.
If you are a man, eat this 1 thing at night - the body will become wide and strong.

3) The jaggery is extremely beneficial for the skin. This is clear that blood is clear. The skin is a minor of the mouth. For this you can eat gold after eating at night. 

4) When the problem of pain in the add, the jaggery is proven to be very profitable with ginger. Take a relaxing in the pain of joining the ginger with a piece of jaggling every day.

5) If you are feeling too much fatigue or weakness. Even then the jaggery can help you because it increases the level of energy in your body and you do not feel tired.