New Delhi The Modi government has given a large gift to the farmers of Rs 2-2 thousand rupees in the bank account of 2 crore 72 lakh farmers. Tell that the government has started the second phase of Prime Minister's Farmers Honor Fund Scheme, which is being done to send the help of the help of the farmers. The fourth installment of this scheme has been sent to the bank accounts of farmers.

The government gave the gifts to the farmers

Prime Minister Kisan Honor Fund Scheme had many kinds of fears in the minds of farmers such as whether this scheme will be closed next year. While farming, the PM Modi sent money in his accounts and told that this facility will continue further. Tell the most faster in the fourth installment, the farmers of Uttar Pradesh have got. In the bank account of the state's 70,97,246 farmers, the government has entered Rs 2000-2000.

The first stage was not found in these farmers

At the same time, the farmers of Rajasthan were a bit disappointed in the first phase, in the event of the government not having a record, many farmers missed the scheme at that time.  In the fourth phase, money has been sent to the bank account of 15,29,504 farmers of the state.  The second phase of money has been sent to 31,19,125 farmers of Andhra Pradesh, while the money has been sent to the account of 22,17,299 farmers of Telangana.

They were not given the benefit of the scheme

Before sending money to the farmers in the Prime Minister Kisan Samman Nidhi Scheme, the government also inquires about their economic status.  MLA, ministers, MPs and mayors cannot take advantage of this scheme, even if they are farming.  At the same time, this facility has not been provided to farmers in the central or state government and those getting more than 10 thousand pension.  Professionals, doctors, CAs, lawyers, engineers, architects will not get this facility even if they do farming.

Register yourself to take advantage of the scheme

If you are a farmer and you have not yet applied for the Prime Minister Kisan Samman Nidhi Scheme, get it done today.  For this you do not have to go to any government center, but you can apply for it from your smartphone only.  You have to go to the Kisan Portal for registration and give your information.  Farmers do not have to pay any kind of fee to apply.

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