The Naida Unit of Greater Noida, the Nuda Unit of the Sunpur Police and UP STF, arrested the submitted notable infamous manmother texture of Rs. 1 lakh after a pill during the foot in Wednesday night. Manoj is the notorious Randeep and the anchor of Sharp shooter and the other than 9 cases are recorded on this. On the other hand, Janapad Gautam Mudhuk Nagar Police arrested two crooks of the infamous crooks beautiful spot and Randeep Gang from different places. Senior Superintendent Superintendent (SSP) Westbuder Krishna said that Wednesday night, UP STAF Noida Unit and Sunpurpur Police police claim in the village Nagla Namujukh to catch the Namala Phara alias Rahul Nahalah, the Namala Phara alias Rahul Naitala, the Namala Phara alias Rahul, a lakh rupees. Manoj was scheduled by seeing the police. SSP said that the intersection of the Junkad village appeared to be the suspected person on a motorcycle. When the police pointed him, he shot on the police.

Still soldiers

After this, the police and the SAF seals also shot in the counter action. The pill run by the police is engaged in the foot of the Crook. At the same time, the tablet runs by the crooks, Still's Still is silent. Both the injured crook and the soldier have beenadmitted to the hospital for treatment.
He said that a bad motorcycle, a native tam and alkali cartridge have met. He told that this is the crooks of the infamous gangster Randeep Bhatt Gang's sharp shooter. There are more than 30 cases of loot, risk and killing and killing efforts in various states. Manoj Chanchain is accused in the branchy and was constantly running a tall in the court, in which the action was taken by the court to the attachment against the manner. In this case, the army of Manoj was declared by the ADG Zone Meerut, a lakh rupee from Gautambalnagar. SSP said that the police station-5 police arrested the infamous gangster's beautiful phase gang's active crook Mukesh Mavi Wednesday night. He said that the station of Police, District Police has arrested Radheep Bhati Gang's active punky Tushar Bharta on Wednesday night. There are several cases above.

Two crooks arrested, close to savings lakhs
Greater Noida 

Dadri Tehan Police arrested two infamous crooks during the encounter on Wednesday night. Police have also recovered a motorcycle and nearly Rs 20,000 cash and illegal weapons and cartridges. SSP Havastar Krishna said that the police on the day went on the day, the police arrested Subodh and Pawan Aka Pintu during the encounter. Police have been recovered from one of the two-hour thousand rupees from the city of 55 lakh rupees, from a city of AT-55 area, a mounted one-day rupee, from one person to the national lakh, a lakh, a loan of nine lakh rupees from the person called Amar Bhatia. SSP said that the subodhouse was also desired in the case of a loot.